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What is Elementio?

It's an software that has been designed to make it super easy that you can capture leads. Much more use of notification containers, pop-ups, animated characters, count-down timers, and anything else which you may want to use to capture leads. Functions with any website program, including WordPress. Elementio makes it easy to design where you want elements to be, simply by dragging and dropping them into devote a live preview webpage.


As you can see, it does a whole lot. I like how it is all done by drag and drop in real time and it is so easy to use. You just choose what component you want, design it to look how to you want, then move it into position. You can then examine how things will look on various devices, which is absolutely cool.


How much does Elementio cost?

As is often the case with these sorts of product launches, the pricing structure is a lttle bit complicated. On the website you will be given a choice between 3 different versions:


$24 for 10 campaigns;

$37 for 25 campaigns;

$47 for unlimited campaigns.

Of course , most serious internet marketers should go for the $47 option because who wants to be restricted, right? Nevertheless things don't end there because they may then try to upsell you on a bunch of additional offers, as you can see in the subsequent diagram:


So, after you have chosen what version you primarily want, they will then provide you the next additional products:


$47 for added templates, WordPress plugin, just one click Facebook submit.

$97 for allowing up to 250 different users to utilize the software.

$197 or 297 to be able to resell it all or if you own product, depending on whether you want 100 or 250 permit.

I don't see why the extra template, Blogger plugin, and 1 click Facebook submit must be part of a separate product. Surely most people will want that, so it should just be part of the primary product anyway. I can kind of understand why the Elementio Programmer upsell costs extra because not everyone will need that; and the resell rights too, not everyone will want that, so it makes sense to possess that separate. But the first upsell is cheeky.


That are the owners of Elementio?

Whenever I see a new product get launched, I like to see who owns it. This particular allows me to put the launch into some kind of context so I can get a sense of how good it is likely to be.



Is Elementio a hoax?

No, it doesn't look like Elementio is a scam. It looks like a genuinely useful product. Our only warning is to be conscious of the additional products they will sell you. I feel it is unfair that they make an effort to squeeze as much money out of men and women as possible by adding extra products for more money. Therefore, the key product really does look very good.


Need to you buy Elementio Review?

When you already have a site and want to start out taking leads, it could be a very useful tool. Just be aware that the first upsell is probably necessary, so if you need the wordpress tool and the extra themes, you will need to pay a total of $94. You can probably ignore the other two additional offers.


What if you don't already have an internet site?

You can learn how to build an amazing website about one of your passions or pursuits. Surely you must have something you are thinking about or passionate about? No matter what it is, you can create a high-quality website which really helps people. This builds people's trust, and then they are more likely to trust the items you recommend.


The best location to learn how to do that is Wealthy Affiliate. The great thing is, you can actually try it out for free. You can do the very first 10 lessons and spend a week as a free member. This is the best way to know whether something is for you delete word, to actually try it out.


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