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Group Traffic Profits Review
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Group Traffic Profits Review


Group Traffic Profits Review - To be honest when I first heard about Group Traffic Profits I actually was not convinced there was going to be much value. I was given entry to the training & the tool that is included with the courses. After reviewing the content I came across Brett provides a learn to finish way on creating your FB Team, the way to get members into the party, the best way to retain those people and the way to monetize the group. I was able to get Brett on a face-to-face interview so I could ask him some of the questions that could hold me back from purchasing the training. You can watch that interview above where Brett answers the way a beginner can get started to build a profitable FB Group. Following the interview I felt convenient recommending the training. Keep reading below to get a sneak peek into Group Traffic Profits.


Brett will share his secret on the way to turn one of the very popular FB features into a customer engaging, loyalty winning, profit machine.


The feature I'm talking about is FB Groups. Yes, we all know of those, we are going to all members in a minumum of one of them. However, as Brett points out, most FB Group admins go about it all incorrect. You cant simply pummel your members with personal serving promotions. Instead, forget about yourself. You aren't the focus. Your members are the focus. Brett goes to say,


"The one rule is, alll of thing that gets published to the group, either by me or by anybody has to profit the group. You are able to not only post a link that says, 'Hey, here's my release, go buy it'. That's for you... not for the group".


He procedes say,


"That is why people stay in my group, because the only things that make it to the group are things that have value for everybody. "


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Group Traffic Profits Review

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Group Traffic Profits Review and Discount


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