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FlickGraph Benefit:


With FlickGraph you can makecinemagraph from any video


With this software you can make a cinemagraph from any video with do it again motion on part of it, like hair on the wind, pouring liquid from the bottle, candle fire, and virtually anything at all else. You can capture short 10 to 20 seconds videos with your phone, use stock videos, or download any of millions of videos with creative commons license at no cost. With only a few ticks, you can trim a cinemagraph length, tweak it by selecting repeat or bounce loop style, and change the looping part speed.


Not cloud-based sama dengan Freedom


FlickGraph software is about freedom. It is not necessarily cloud-based, so you have all you need right at your computer without the need of persistent internet connection. You will never have to worry about separation present in cloud based video editing software, your project sitting in a long processing queue, or being afflicted by slow internet connection or its complete lack.


Cinemagraphs Can Get Viral Traffic 100% FREE OF CHARGE


FlickGraph Review  software has already been produced by professional developers under the supervision of professional marketers, and the outcome is absolutely incredible. A person get fascinating, eye catching, viral cinemagraphs, your visitors love that are ideal for both call to action or setting up your brand. All that means that your social post looks amazing, draws in clicks, and is loved, shared, pinned, and tweeted to increase your exposure. You can also use cinemagraphs on your website, blog, ecommerce store, or inside an email.




Transforms "Invisible" Posts & Ads In to An Attention Grabbing Enemies


Almost Impossible To Ignore


Cinemagraphs are extremely difficult to ignore & easy to digest.


Fun To talk about & Like


Cinemagraphs are fun to share & like, social media are exploding with cinemagraphs that go viral.


Get Results.


Can get you 117% click-through rate increase, 41% cost-per-click decrease, 4 points boost in relevance score, and nine times more engagement


FlickGraph 3 easy Steps:


All it take is 3 steps to make amazing cinemagraph with the software.


Step 1: Import a video

Select video from your computer. Video will import automatically into the proper format.

Step 2: Select a still frame

 Use the slider to select still frame you want to use as static part of cinemagraph

Step three: Erase part of the still frame where you want motion to trap

User eraser to clear the part of static image where you want it show through and foreign trade cinemagraph


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FlickGraph Review and Discount


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