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Humalytics Review

Do you wonder how people are really reacting to your videos? Up to now it been a guessing game for video producers. What if I told you that there is a breakthrough technology that let you do just that.. Humalytics is a emotional recognition technology that will accurately predict what your customers exact effect is to your video, video ads, product ideas, webinars, coaching calls & more.


This all-NEW ground breaking "Human Metrics" technology can even cut your advertising expenses by 95%! Exactly how? It's simple, you identify exactly how people really feel and respond to your videos. Allowing you to run demo runs for your marketing material BEFORE you even officially start!


Emotional recognition programming that lets you know precisely how your viewers FEEL while they be careful about your content

Measure positive and negative reactions to video content, as well as attention to it! And So Much Even more...

A person analytics platform created for video marketers, marketers, distributors, mentors, sales divisions, and basically any person who utilizes video to reach people!


What is Humalytics Review?

Humalytics(TM) is breakthrough "Human Metrics" technology that tracks the side effects from people who watch your videos to help you PREDICT and CHANGE more viewers into paying customers by creating better videos that suite your target audience. Finding your customers "pain point" allows you to actually help them and also helping you save money on advertising.




Measure Audience Attention


Attention Measurement


Measure total attention moments of your viewer, number of times they look away,


blink detection, and even their attention span right down to the exact second.


Detect Facial Expression


Face Recognition


Detect and uncover viewer facial expressions including smiles, frowns and


other facial expressions that expose how your audience is responding to your video clip.


Detect The Viewers Feelings


emotion detection


Understand how your audience REALLY feels and treats your videos. Collect and


measure individual metrics like: Happiness, Despair, Excitement, Surprise, Boredom... and more!


Gender & Era Detection


Gender & Age


Detect viewer gender and approximate age and see to which demographic group your video performs better with.


Then use these insight to generate TONS of clicks and sales through things like Facebook video advertising.


Real-time feedback-gathering cleverness that reveals how happy, sad or bored audience's feel while watching any video!



With Humalytics you will get instant feed back how real people are reacting to your video.

Humalytics is great for coaches and mentors, because you get the REAL feedback on a clients a reaction to video clip content.

Humalytics can be used to test out your marketing videos BEFORE you release it and see what to put your advertising money behind.


Unfortunately Humalytics needs viewers consent to work, this means only those who allow Humalytics to record their reaction

Humalytics can't control the quality of webcams, this may cause inaccurate results.

Humalytics Review Conclusion

In case you are utilizing video as a part of your marketing strategy to help sell your product and services, then Humalytics technology can really help you better


understand your target audience better and make video content that they need.

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